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Black Friday fun by ImdaBatman Black Friday fun :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 5 7
Lex Luthor presidential campaign jokes
I've found a way to cope. Hope these cheer you up like they did for me. :D (Big Grin)He promised to build a wall around the ionosphere and make Mars pay for it.Assured voters that when he said "grab her by the ," it was just 'hidden lair talk'.He's a former Orange Lantern. 'Nuff said.Convinced his supporters that "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was rigged.Persuaded a Daxamite woman (who looks a lot like the über-gorgeous adult film star Madison Ivy) to be his latest trophy wife with the promise of citizenship.At one point it looked like he was trying to steal the Power Ring from Green Lantern Ch'p. Turned out he just wanted to borrow his tiny gloves to wear.Let me know if you have any of your own in the comments.
UPDATE: He insists that Tony Stark became a superhero because he was captured, and that he "likes people who weren't ca
:iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 6 76
happy 16th birthday DeviantArt! by ImdaBatman happy 16th birthday DeviantArt! :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 5 3 unpopular opinion guy strikes again by ImdaBatman unpopular opinion guy strikes again :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 7 20 I'm just saying by ImdaBatman I'm just saying :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 7 21 8-bit Captain Mahr Vehl by ImdaBatman 8-bit Captain Mahr Vehl :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 2 10 Joker meme by ImdaBatman Joker meme :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 14 412 Commission - Eugene Boddy by ImdaBatman Commission - Eugene Boddy :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 5 5 Lantern Corps. alignment table by ImdaBatman Lantern Corps. alignment table :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 32 50
The Modern Prometheus
There was a storm brewing. It could be felt in the very air. A powerful storm. One that would soon change the course of history. And in an old abandoned watchtower outside Goldstadt, Switzerland, the storm was awaited.
The year was 1795. And in that tower, the doctor and soon-to-be baron Victor Frankenstein, though merely in his 20’s, was about to make one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs the world would ever see. Tonight, he would defy not only death and nature, but God himself.
“Are the kites tied off?” He shouted upward to the opening roof.
The familiar face of his hunchbacked assistant peered into view.
“Yes, Doctor.” He said.
“Good.” The doctor replied. “Then get down here. We haven’t much time.”
The hunchback rushed down the stairway into the laboratory. He found the doctor gazing at the lifeless body they had created, which was now laying on its platform. Over seven feet in height. A doze
:iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 2 13
Me Penutized by ImdaBatman Me Penutized :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 4 5 Abobim...Aboni...Amobi... Yeti by ImdaBatman Abobim...Aboni...Amobi... Yeti :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 5 2 House of Dracula by ImdaBatman House of Dracula :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 5 1 Graphic Arts class seasons project by ImdaBatman Graphic Arts class seasons project :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 0 0 Phonebooth meme by ImdaBatman Phonebooth meme :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 4 14 College Liberal meme by ImdaBatman College Liberal meme :iconimdabatman:ImdaBatman 16 14
has anyone else noticed that both of the recent Kaiju movies have starred two actors from the MCU (one male, one female) as rather bland protagonists? first we have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as husband and wife (insert Ultimates joke here) in the Godzilla movie, then we get Loki and Carol Danvers (admittedly she hasn't played that role yet, but still) in the King Kong movie

there's also Samuel L. Jackson, but his role isn't quite as simple as "protagonist"


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Australian for "food"
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United States
I live in the USA. Sadly, my house is very remote, so I don't get out much. I'm an agnostic (look it up). I hope I can please my viewers with plenty of my best. (G'night everybody!)


has anyone else noticed that both of the recent Kaiju movies have starred two actors from the MCU (one male, one female) as rather bland protagonists? first we have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as husband and wife (insert Ultimates joke here) in the Godzilla movie, then we get Loki and Carol Danvers (admittedly she hasn't played that role yet, but still) in the King Kong movie

there's also Samuel L. Jackson, but his role isn't quite as simple as "protagonist"
Saw this movie a few months ago. And I was really liking it at first , but then...

Basically this movie not only confirms my suspicion that people's obsessive belief that subversions automatically make everything better, but it tells me that it's been going on for far longer than I thought it was. I mean, what, we're they trying to do a "clever subversion" of the cliche that movies have remotely satisfying conclusions?

But hey, maybe it really is brilliant and just don't get it.

So when I first saw "Captain America: the Winter Soldier", I had thought that the Hydra twist was their way of cutting off the blunt-as-hell political commentary before it got too intense, a la Brainiac turning out to be behind Cadmus in JL Unlimited (for those of you who don't know, the reason the producers did that was because it had gotten to the point where even they weren't sure which side was 'right').

But after a while another thought had occurred to me: what if the message they were going for there was "the government is so bad these days, it's as if it's been taken over by an evil villainous organization!" Maybe it's just me, but I feel that these movies are inherently resentful of anyone in authority to go for this. Unlike a different movie which just says, "You're afraid of me because you can't control me. You don't. You never will. But that doesn't mean I'm your enemy."

...Suddenly I realize that I can't talk about anything without making it a 'this vs that' flame war. :regret: So let me try and get back to the POINT here: was the twist to keep the aesop from getting too intense, or does it just make it more intense than ever? What do you think?

:icontropers: Thought you guys might like this ^_^


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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017
Police Chief Stan Lee: -to Go-Go- "Miss Tanaka, Eugene seemed quite happy in the office today. Whatever it is you did with him, I'm impressed."
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
More information about RochambeauFR:

RochambeauFR knowingly calls for a genocide for virtually every Muslim under the sun.

Here's an example for proof:….

(Notice that, in that forum of his, RochambeauFR does not even bother to make a distinction between innocent Muslims and Radical Islamic Terrorists.)

Also, these are his other forums:….

(Notice that on most of those forums including on that previous forum directly on the other link in this comment, RochambeauFR has some fascist tendencies.)
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Hey, I made one more update to Zeke Boddy and Eugene Boddy's Weaknesses:……
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
By the way, maybe we should continue the RP directly on the comment section of the Deviation itself:…
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Feb 14, 2017
I take back all of my apologies that I once said to RochambeauFR, and I take back every regret that I formerly felt about my actions towards this guy.

Because he threatened to assault me:…

RochambeauFR said to me, and I quote: "Chateaubriand would spit in your face, and I would do the same."

I just want to give you some friendly advice: I recommend that you avoid RochambeauFR at all costs. Whether you heed my warning to avoid this individual or not is completely up to you.
ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
jeez, i'm so sorry to hear that he spoke to you like that :(
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Thank you for understanding.

I did nothing to RochambeauFR to deserve to be threatened by him or anyone else.

Anyways, wanna continue that RP so that we can get our minds off of Rochambeau?
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
And here's another slight change I made:

Mr. Tanaka: -confronts his daughter via her ear-piece- "Daughter....that man is one of the most powerful superheroes ever. He is also an angel. Out of curiosity, how did you manage to seduce him?"

Go-Go: "I guess even angels can have human desires."

Mr. Tanaka: "But daughter....Mr. Boddy has about as much emotions as a Vulcan."

Go-Go: "Vulcans hide their emotions, dad."

Mr. Tanaka: "Understood, daughter. I do admit that he's learning to not hide them as much, I'll give him that credit....and I heard he slayed Yakuza gangsters. Out of curiosity, was it necessary for him to do so?"

Go-Go: "Yes, dad. They were trying to strong-arm me back into their ranks. He didn't take that lightly."

Mr. Tanaka: "Ah, so it was necessary after all. As a matter of fact, that is perfectly justifiable for him to rightfully defend you. In hindsight, I now realize that I was hard on him. When he comes to our universe again, I will indeed apologize to him."
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Jan 17, 2017
Added a slight change to Assault on Titans Tower:

-Cuts to outside the LexCorp Tower, but the viewer can still hear the sounds of the conflict as well as....-

Eugene: "What do you mean Honey's a spy!?"

Meanwhile, back in the Marvel Universe, the BH6 team are finished testing the training bay.

-Honey gets a phone-call on her new interdimensional phone-

Honey: "Hello?"

Eugene: -via interdimensional earpiece- "Why did you spy on us?"

Honey: "That Mr. Clean look-alike told you, didn't he? And if you must know, I made you and your brother's demon-slaying escapades public because I don't like the idea of you lying to Go-Go."

Eugene: -via the aforesaid earpiece- "I would never lie to her. She would have been the only one to know about those battles with the forces of hell."

Honey: "Then it still would've been one less secret she'd have to keep from anyone."

In the DC Universe.

Kidd Punn: "If there's one thing I've learned from hour-long TV drama shows, it's that people will not! Stop! Bitching! About! If anyone's kept any secret from them! Just ask Green Arrow's posse."

Bat-Mite: -teleports and pauses the screen- "Incoming mythology gag in Honey's other two languages!" -presses the play button and teleports away-

-Honey begins to yell at Eugene in a mixture of Japanese and Spanish-

Honey: -via her previously said phone, translated to English thanks to the multiversal communicators- "I just wanted to show you that most people would appreciate your heroics! You are the bravest hero since, well, Hiro! I love you both!"

Eugene: -fuming with full rage- "Do you have any idea the amount of religious controversy that you've caused my making those stories public knowledge!? There was a mass suicide in Dwayne McDuffie knows how many locations throughout the DC Earth as well as your universe's Earth purely because of that revelation!"

Honey: "Are you implying those were my fault!?"

Eugene: -calms down- "No, but what I'm saying is that every action has consequences, Honey. Take all possible consequences into account before you act. Oh, and I'll consider the idea of including both of the Big Hero Women into my lives. After all, I find your universe's women romantically attractive."

Honey: -giggles- "You know how to talk to a girl, you know?"

Eugene: -hangs head in shame- "I'm so sorry for planning to lie to everyone else except for Go-Go."

Honey: -in a motherly tone- "Aww. That's okay, sweetie. I just needed to give you advice, okay."

Eugene: "Huh....Thanks, Honey. And I'll take your advice into account." -thinking- <"Dunno why she called me sweetie....">

-The interdimensional call ends as both Honey and Eugene hang up at the same time-
ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beast Boy: "My god... all those poor people."

Kidd Punn: "Most people need a secure pillar in life. A solid ground to stand on. For some people it's religion. They lose that, their entire world comes crashing down like a house of cards."

Robin: "Honey may not have thought her actions through entirely, but she wanted the world to know the good that had been done. Unfortunately she just didn't realize that some people's reactions would be the opposite of hope."
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