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November 16, 2013
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Message to Man of Steel haters: shut up hypocrites by ImdaBatman Message to Man of Steel haters: shut up hypocrites by ImdaBatman
I'm so fed up with all the complaints about what I consider the greatest Superman movie ever. And here's why:

"It's too dark for Superman"
No, it's to dark for Richard Donner-style Superman. First of all, it's not darker. It's more serious. And yes, there IS a difference! Second, I'd ask if any of you have ever even picked up a comic, but I already know that Supes is a classic cast of what calls "Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch". In other words, I can think of dozens of stories off the top of my head that are just as dark: "The Death of Superman", "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow", "Kingdom Come", "Red Son", the list goes on!

"Too much destruction"
Yeah, because "The Avengers" and the Transformers movies were so mild-mannered. Or that last Star Trek movie, where a giant fucking starship crashed into San Francisco, about 2x the damage from MoS. If anything, the Avengers are even more responsible for any collateral damage: they were fighting a bunch of "go down in one hit" kind of mooks. Superman was fighting guys with the same powers, plus military training. Plus, HEL-LOOOOOOOOOOO! Ever wonder if 90% of the people evacuated when they saw a giant fucking alien laser drill hovering over them!?

(Spoiler alert) "Superman killed Zod"
I know, right? How he mercilessly crushed his hand, then throws him into a chasm and shares a moment with Lois (who also had just killed someone) like nothi-...Oh, wait, that's "Superman II", the time nobody ever gave him crap about. This is the time where he was...well, it already says so right up there. There's a difference between killing to save lives and cold-blooded murder. Not only did Bats kill Rā's al Ghūl, he also tied a gargoyle to the Joker's leg and made him fall about 800 feet or so, and then there's how he shoved Harvey Dent off a building - hell that last one was literally the exact same situation that Superman was in!
EDIT: Not to mention when Iron Man killed a whole room full of thugs just because one of them broke a motherfucking Dora the Explorer watch. He literally told him he would be the first to die.

I know nobody likes Superman anymore, but give him a freaking chance! At least it's not "Superman Returns" (the one movie I hate more than "Iron Man 3").

I don't own. Rights to characters & films belong to DC comics.
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Nitish-Loneshark Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Student Filmographer
Because Hating Superman is a Cool thing now, so everyone wants to jump on that bandwagon. 
Xenomaster Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
I hate Batman and like Superman
Ozymannndias677 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
I never liked Superman until I watched "Man of Steel", because I always thought Kal-El to be an emotional train wreck.
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